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Khud Ko Dudhta Hu Mai ♥

khud ko dudhta hu

Khud ko hi dhudhta hu mai khud hi gumshudaa hu mai Har pal chaand se samna hota hai Sapno mein wo agosh mein hota hai ♥ Mai uske nashe mein rahta hu Khud ko hi dhudhta hu mai khud hi gumshudaa hu mai Din ko taare nazar aate hai ♥ Chand hi chand ka khwab […]

Chaand Ne ♥

moon love

Us chaand ne mujhko yun shayar bna dia Kaise hai ye khumari, apna kayal bna dia ♥ Ruk jayein ye lamhe yahien khwahish hai ab Rava ho jaye tera chehra fizao me ♥ Mehak teri hi ho bs in besaakh hawao me Meri ruh me utar jaye tu ruh ban kar ♥ Mere dil ki […]

Time Hourglass ♥

The time hourglass can never erase The thoughts of you and dream embrace This longing for a single kiss Your touch, your voice, I always miss ♥ The time hourglass and the rough sea Can never carry away what you mean to me My Heart, My Soul, I have given you With the greatest love […]

Pray 4 Dreams 2 Come True ♥


I always pray for dreams to come true And with it my love will only be of you Beloved this love is so honest and true Just like the first early morning dew ♥ Across this space which actually divides us I will reach out with my hand to hold you I know I cannot close […]

Shining Through Eternity ♥

Longing For You

  How could you feel being loved If you will just live day by day No special moments made Through romantic yesterdays ♥ In the deepest depths of you and me Through the deepest depths of we Lies the love’s most beautiful jewel Shining forth through us eternally ♥ There lies a time beyond all […]

This Love ♥

This love which I have for you Streams deeper than the ocean sea You would never be able to know Just how much you do mean to me ♥ Sometimes I wonder how I feel about you Scared of such feelings, it’s still new I try to think of the best way to share Hoping […]

Sweetheart ♥

My beloved and my dear sweetheart I pray to the God that we’ll never part I feel the depth of our sweet love I believe we belong in heaven above ♥ Feel the magic of love, oh how inviting Expressing feelings of love so exciting True love intertwine, the romance of a kiss Two arms […]

Pencil Color ♥

Pencil color over the table Your face is in my heart The way you’re looking at me Gave birth to this dead art ♥ Yet the pencil is silent There is only this will To draw the contours of your face To feel your delicate skin ♥ As the pencil kissed the canvas Colors shoots tender and sweet Giving […]

Dive Through Me ♥

Beloved, all day I can’t help And I am thinking of you O’beloved breathe inside me Beloved dive through me ♥ Feel Depth, salty deep While dew drops in air becomes sea Feel me, Feel through me As the love in your breath becomes me ♥ And my breath becomes you And our bodies enterwine […]

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