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Together Forever ♥

forever together

I gonna be together forever my cutiepie I gonna love you till the day I die I gonna be together with you for eternity I want us to be happy together for life ♥ I want to laugh and smile with you forever You are my first love and I’m glad It will last forever […]

Don’t Care ♥


I don’t care beloved if the moon and stars fade or fall For me my princess, they simply does not matter at all ♥ Just because when I got to know you I got sunshine Now who needs the moon and the stars when you are mine ♥ Hold my hands, my beloved, trust me […]

See the Flowers Bloom ♥

Flower Bloom

See the flowers bloom, it’s really an awesome sight They’re opening the petals to catch hold the light Nature waters and feeds them and take special care As we want its beauty to be always there ♥ Brilliant colors I see are a shock to behold Colors blend together or stand out vivid and bold […]

Love 4 Me ♥

Your love for me is my deepest desire I love you not today nor tomorrow but forever My heart you need not to explore For one day my darling in time you will see Your love for me, it was meant to be ♥ Until that day beloved I vow unto you To love you, […]

Ye Pyaar Nhi to Kya Hai ♥

what is love

Yeh pyaar nahi to kya hai Pyaar ka Ahshaas nahi to kya hai ♥ Tanhaiyo bhari in raaton mein Jub chaand utar aata khidki par Thand hawayein de jati hai Dastak chupke chupke darwaaje pe ♥ Yaad kisi ki aati hai Aankhe tik jaati darwaaze pe Yeh pyaar nahi to kya hai Pyaar ka Ahshaas […]

I Luv you Infintely ♥

dream love

I wish you with me and wanna tell you today That you are my beloved who fills my life Your smile daily I cannot wait to see Your arms I long to have wrapped around me ♥ Your scented lips I long to kiss Softly, passionately, in every way I always want you to know […]

I Count Myself Blessed ♥

gaze in your eyes

As into your eyes I gaze and feelings sway I feel that everything else fades away When I imagine your eyes like the deep sea You’re the one who sets my spirit so free ♥ I always feel comfort of your loving arms Your scented breath close upon my face Your words float like dreams […]

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