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Time Flies ♥

time poem

Time flies, every second hurry by They take us on to untried ways New seasons ripen, perish and go away And yet the love with us surely stays ♥ The Love that exists deep in the heart Definitely does not want to stay It wishes to fly free escaping the Soul With each and every […]

Eternal Luv ♥

love poem

This eternal love is so passionate and true I always dreamt I could prove this to you I wish to climb the Everest to touch the sky And bring down the love rainbow while I fly ♥ Beloved I wish to prove that my love is real I wish to swim that river oh so […]

Better Tomorrow ♥

When I Dream Of You

I contemplate my life for a better tomorrow You’ve come in my life taking away all my sorrow ♥ You have come to me from unknown distant land In my nascent dreams, to fill my hearts desire Sweet music flowing from your nimble hand ♥ That plays within.. to light my passion’s fire My days […]

Wish You In Arms ♥

watch you sleeping

Wish to lay in your arms tonight Our love will stand for rest of our lives I don’t know how to tell you my care I love you but I don’t even dare ♥ Make me feel the tenderness of your heart With the hope that we will never be apart Baby, it is really […]

Dreams Of You ♥

So Much in Luv

Dreams of you, I start to obsess Lovefire ignites vision of yours My vivid visions of your face Imagining your sweet embrace ♥ Keeping me awake in starry night My lusting heart, you do ignite Onto you when I gently rest my head Trying to remember all you said ♥ I look to the starry […]

Your Smile Greets Me ♥

your smile

A sparkle in your eyes And a fire in your heart Let’s spend together our lives Couldn’t stand To be apart ♥ Looking at the star, I see you In the moon flower, I see you With my veiled eyes, its you Gift from the heavens, its you ♥ To be apart would destroy me […]

Meet Me Tonight ♥

Meet Me

Beloved meet me tonight Beneath the universe bright Summer rains are here Fill each hour with bliss ♥ In the dripping night like this Here alone I’m thinking you Imagining you, I feel I must you’re the only girl I trust ♥ I am simply set on you Ever since I’ve seen you love my […]

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