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Love is Curious ♥

love curious

Love’s a curious thing It often comes disguised Look at it the wrong way It will go unrecognized ♥ I love you – you are my all I walk alone in life’s hall Shadow is cast over me tall But I do hear my heart’s call ♥ So, my goddess, hear my prayer It may […]

Let Me Watch You Sleeping ♥

watch you sleeping

Let me watch you sleeping So quiet and so warm I cradle you in my loving arms As I lie beside you And I whisper in your ear I cannot help but tell you ♥ Beloved, you’re very dear Your loving heart beating slowly Endless dreams are yours to hold In the shadows of the […]

My Luv Will Be Constant ♥

When flowers have faded and fallen fast away You’ll find my love will be constant every day ♥ Dream love feelings slowly brewing inside me Your presence in my life making me feel happy ♥ When the leaves fall and leave the trees bare my Love will e strong and just for you to share […]

Sweet Morning ♥

Morning sky is a-fire Through the God’s desire Feel the blazing scene Looking like a dream ♥ I stretch myself and rise And sitting tall in my bed Feeling the morning breeze Which gently caress my face In this early morning light Sun starts shining bright ♥ Nature does come alive All lives does thrive […]

Giving You My Life ♥

My Life

In the peaceful moment with heartbeat I feel to surrender you my soul My body showers your fragrance Every breath I take has your taste ♥ In the silence between each spoken word I can feel you truly need me Feeling your touch makes me glow Those soft spoken words now echo ♥ In this […]

We Will Walk Together ♥

Love is honest never deceiving It’s the basic force keep believing Love is learning to forgive As God taught us how to live ♥ Love is patient, Love is kind Love is learning to be blind To others faults, it keeps no score Love is learning much much more ♥ Honest love we find will […]

Festival of Light ♠

Festival of light with beautiful sweet sight Filling all of us with sweet delight Light up dear friends all your light For it is Diwali, our festival of light ♠ Brilliant vibrant lights & deafening sounds Rollicking laughter and happiness has no bounds Such a special feeling filling the air And there is so much […]

Forever With You ♥

hands in hands

I am waiting for you and the fateful day when I will hold your hand in real and say You are the life, my only love is you And I know this love of ours is true ♥ To this one person dear, you mean the world You make my stomach do twists and twirls […]

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