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Let Me Luv You ♥

love you

Let me love you, oh dear, let me love you Let me fix beloved your broken heart Let me keep you happy, never let us part ♥ I wish to let you know my heart is for real Nothing can describe, the way I feel for you Love is warm and precious, your heart so […]

Life Together ♥

love everywhere

Beginning with a touch, a smile, a moment shared Untamed emotions for which we will be unprepared Rhythmically we will step, movements pulsating The warmth of your hands in mine I am embracing ♥ Fingers wrapped and entwined, bodies moving in time Hearts together pounding to their internal rhyme I will lead with my hand […]

Your Face Is In My Heart ♥


Paint Brush over the table Your face is in my heart The way you’re looking at me Gave birth to this dead art ♥ Yet the paintbrush is silent There is only this will To draw the contours of your face To feel your delicate skin ♥ As the brush kissed the canvas Colors shoots tender and […]

Gentle Rain ♥

Morning dew today like gentle night rain That laced against my window pane And called me back from troubled sleep To soothe this heart too numb to weep ♥ My loneliness sometimes is deep and real It’s like a wound that time gonna heal I am throbbed within, While I know Beloved my arms are […]

Kis Haal Me Hu ♥

Kya batau kaise sunau kis haal me hu Apke saath hi jindgaani ab apse hi hu ♥ Apke bin katate nahi din na katati raatein Apke sapne aur aapki meethi meethi yaadein ♥ Apko paa kar khul jaayega mera naseeb Aur apko kho kar ho jaunga mai bahut gareeb ♥ Har pal is dil me […]

When I Wake Up ♥

Whenever I will wake up I’ll have smile mile long I know our love is solid I know that we are strong ♥ When I first talked to you I felt as I known you forever I shared with you my secrets And what I didn’t want ever ♥ Your sweet loving words Are never […]

In My Dreams ♥

my dream

The sun is yet to start Its sparkling shining flow And the moon has not Even not tried to go ♥ In my dreams I am thinking About you all the time You are the angel divine Who comes always in my mind ♥ Nothing that can ever divide When you’re truly by my side […]

Perfect Dream ♥

perfect dream

Sometimes there comes a perfect dream There I see you and me together Laying over a sandy dune with a crescent moon The stars light the sky above as a treasure ♥ Air waves like messengers whispering secrets Telling of our love and the life’s pleasure They envelop us like children at play Letting us […]

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