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You’re the Reason ♥

reason luv

You are the reason of my new beginning You’re the dreamy door to life beyond You’re all that I could ever wished You’re the one I do always miss ♥ You’re the future I have dreamed of you’re in my new and brighter day with you, there is no looking back Other things in life […]

Wanna be Your Sun ♥

sunny love

I want to be your sun Who will shine over you When your day is done Let me live this dream With our passion so extreme Just like Fairytales and dreams ♥ I need you together with me Love for you I am unable to hide Without you lake of tears I cried ♥ But […]

You’re My All ♥

love at first sight

I don’t believe in love at first sight But it appeared as dream in the night My mind was filled with heart’s plight In this dream I truly felt your light ♥ I feel you’re the one I was searching for You’re the reason I came at life’s door You’re my personal goddess to the […]

Red Rose Bloom ♥


This red rose blooming in my pot Did rise with the morning sun Brilliant with beauty and grace Adoring and protected by thorns ♥ His shape divine, heaven’s mystery which sparks everyone imagination His skin made of soft tenderness A flower he is amongst weeds ♥ Truly, like blessing Deep Red Rose Delicate and subtle […]

Autumn Breeze ♥

Arrival of soft autumn breeze Whispering gently in the ears The weakness hitting my knees As this special moment nears ♥ O beloved, I long to be with you O beloved, words will never express The feelings I have for you inside I’ll give all, just to be with you ♥ O beloved, the closer […]

Silent Luv ♥

In life, did you ever feel silent love With someone sweet, you dream to have You feel close, you can touch her hand Yet bound to stay far and feel her heart ♥ Did you ever live in such pretense Silently loving without any condition This is the feeling of love that’s unknown Hiding it […]

Our Sweet Love & Romance ♥

You are the love essence, the one true source Beloved I cannot be anything else but only yours My heart’s flame, rhythmic and soothing warm dance You whispered me about our sweet love and romance ♥ I am drawing these sounds and hope it would reflect Your sacredness within me I cherish with deep respect […]

My Heart Will Follow You ♥

You're Everything to Me

I don’t know what it is about you But there’s something about you You made heart smile through the day Sadness in me, you just washed away ♥ I never want alone wealth or fame I want to add my name with your name You have filled my heart with love and in dreams I’ve […]

Rhythm of True Love ♥


The rhythm of the true love Deep inside we follow through Strong desires of permissive We are learning the intuitive ♥ For we together myself and you In freedom and in laughter In struggle and when in tears We are together with each other ♥ And will overcome our fears Oh this is so unbelievable […]

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