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Writing You a Poem ♥

writing poem

I am writing this poem to you I want to cheer each part of you I know you are truly unique It’s your complete love I seek ♥ Feeling to smile when I think of you And sometimes even shed a tear I want to consume all of you My true love is so sincere […]

Forever With You ♥

forever luv

This soul gonna forever be with you And I wish that you truly love me too I long to let go of all the fears I wanna hold you and wipe away tears ♥ I wish you to know just how I feel And that my love is true and real Say to me the […]

Spiraling Universe ♥

spiraling universe

Swirling, spiraling universe Stardust in galaxy submerse Starlight Shooting star so bright Falling star, burning up in fright ♥ I wish you may, I wish you might Have the wish, you wish for, tonight Contended with your divine love I am in seventh heaven above ♥ star light, look star so bright My only wish […]

You Love is My Light ♥

love in june

The sound of my heart hitting me out of the blue It’s amazing feeling I’m allowing myself for you ♥ I think of you every second and every breath For you I would stare even into the face of death ♥ I have left myself open, entrenched by love’s design Engulfed by its passion, truly […]

Breathing Happiness ♥

Meeting unknown nothing more than fate Only God knows that you are my soulmate you’re my friend now and you’re my life you’re my light and you will be my wife ♥ you’re so special beloved more than I show you’re my soul mate, you’re all that I know you’re my shoulder and you’re my […]

Kuch Khas Hai ♥

Har pal hum is baat ka izhaar karte hai Ha hum sirf apse hi pyaar karte hai ♥ Ap mein kuch khaas hai, kuch khaas hai Apke paas hone ka ab jo ahshaas hai ♥ kuch to khaas hai, kuch zaroor khaas hai Tu mere hi paas hai mere aas paas hai ♥ kuch to […]

Gazing Sky ♥

love you

Gazing at the sparkling stars in the night Uttering sweet words beneath pale moonlight Beloved I wish you see it, I wish you hear it I wish you can kiss and hold me tight tonight ♥ I close my eyes and shed my heart’s tears Thinking of the distance, you are from me I look […]

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