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Rise Above ♥

you helped me

You help me rise over angel wings Your voice sounds like an angel sings You are my love, the one I need From now forever till eternity ♥ This heart truly lies with you And I know that you love me too I wish you know just how I feel For you, this feeling is […]

Good Morning Beautiful ♥

morning love

Good morning beautiful, I am in love with you You are like a dream and that dream must come true ♥ Good morning dear, you’re the queen of my heart You brought the sunshine that defeats the dark ♥ Good morning beloved, I want you know my love is true With time passing by I […]

Alluring Glance ♥

love poem

Alluring glance from the eyes Appearing dark and so deep Puts me under your very spell My world is now spinning around ♥ One smile from your sweet lips My heart now skipped a beat With your charming feminine spell knocking me right off my feet ♥ One word, just one good look I gonna […]

Rainbow ♥


I see the sun shining on my right side And the clouds pouring rains on my left It felt as if, I didn’t have too far to go To reach the brilliant rainbow I never seen yet ♥ As I Looked upon the beautiful rainbow I felt like colors of love that God bestow ♥ […]

Soul Entwined ♥

Souls entwined with true loves embrace I’m holding you close to kiss your face Your gentle warmth of skin next to mine This tender feeling that wells up within ♥ With eyes closed, you breath so fine You beloved so beautiful, so sublime Your gentle caresses on skin so smooth In parallel synchronizm our bodies […]

I Feel Complete ♥

feel complete

You’re the one I can not forget Even at the last breath I take You’re a spirit beautiful and bright I’m lost as a light is lost in light ♥ You’re the one I’ll love so true For you gave me same love too My senses, leave me deaf and blind Swept by tempest love […]

Dreaming in Night ♥

Dreaming of fragrant starry night Of love and passion in sweet delight Such moments in my life must stay Alive within my body and soul each day ♥ Great passion lie in the prison keep Of my yearning heart, dark and deep It gonna remain in sweet silence there Unless somehow you beloved start to […]

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