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Searched 4 You ♥

girl love

I searched for you And I have found you I looked into your eyes And I knew it was true ♥ My heart never lies I am in love with you I searched for you And I have found you ♥ So come to me dear And make me whole Eager arms await you True […]

Sun is Setting ♥

sun set

The sun is setting casting red over clouds Rippling like waves When the tide is out One more moment of awe and reason to believe What a wonderful act of nature divine to see ♥ The sun is now setting over this awesome day The colours are splitting, the perfect way Everyone strolling home as […]

Let Me Love You ♥

love poem

Beloved let me love you, oh, let me love you Not for my loneliness dear but only for you I want to cradle you in my loving arms to love you ♥ I just feel about you like an innocent child Such cute girl, so kind and with a manner so mild ♥ Tell what […]

Can’t Wait 2 See You ♥

fresh love

Yesterday night, when I closed my eyes I dreamt and I saw a beautiful site With only “you” and “I”, there Holding each other so warmingly and tight ♥ Wishing you were here on this lonely night So I could hold you gently and touch you right Hoping you’d come to my arms very soon […]

Another Day Started ♥

another day

Another day has started, all its wonders I behold the Sun is smiling down, he’s filling me with gold! I’ve come out to say hello to an old time friend I thank you for the rays, you splay and send ♥ You put spring under my step, as I transcend Everything is beautiful, when Sunshine […]

I Don’t Care 4 Heaven Up Above ♥

Beloved I don’t care for the heaven, up above Because I know my heaven is here and it’s you Beloved tell me, tell what could all this be Ah I know this is true love that enthralls me ♥ Its not really just any other emotion But confidence, affection, and devotion We might be miles […]

Pray 4 Dreams Come True ♥

I always pray for dreams to come true And with it my love will only be of you Beloved this love is so honest and true Just like the first early morning dew ♥ Across this space which actually divides us I will reach out with my hand to hold you I know I cannot […]

Love Like Ocean ♥

Always With You

My love is like an ocean goes down so deep It is like a rose whose beauty you want to keep My love is like the ice, and you the fire Cold is so great yet melting in hot desire ♥ My love is like a song which goes on forever My love is your […]

I Love You So Much! ♥

I love you more like the sun in the sky Or maybe like a bird who is destined to fly And when sun is up, it focuses on you And I hear you love me, I know it’s true ♥ Tears for joy together with tears for pain Truly like standing out in the hot […]

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