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Pure Bliss ♥


Few romantic word Few moment shared Few passionate kiss Now that is the bliss ♥ Soft caressing touch That means so much Two hearts with one beat Now that is truly neat ♥ To capture the night Two souls truly unite They don’t want to stop Until they really drop ♥ This love that is […]

Sweet Luv ♥

couple luv

Sweet smile, so nice Gentle love, so tender God bless my life all together Wildest crazy amazing dreams ♥ And there your tender touch Melt my heart and piercing The very core in me, leaving me Crazy, so madly in love with you ♥ Mesmerizing hugs, so grand Passionate kisses, so sweet You make my […]

Moon Blooming With Full Might ♥

moon bloom

Moon is blooming in its full might As I looked at the night sky That is filled with bright light The stars shown on your face Coloring you white, On this night ♥ Into this star studded sky Any day I will surrender Myself for you and would die I promise with this mighty moon […]

Searching You ♥

dreaming you

Those were the time I felt distressed Full of imaginary wounds, lying undressed Pain with limited resource that I can feel With no one around me, to get me to heal ♥ Those were the time when I got tired nobody’s company I used to admire I search in vain, for a lap to lie […]

Dreams ♥

mesmerizing dreams

Mesmerizing dreams of you sets my heart pump I am feeling the waves of goose bumps You awaken my spirit, fill me with delight Your gaze, magnetic, moonlight so bright ♥ Clear as the dazzling evening night You gently captured my inner light Your heart, speaks softly, soulfully Whispering faithfully, sometimes silently ♥ Your touch, […]

Magic of Stardust ♥


Feeling the magic of stardust Life given me this chance to dance Stiring emotions and brings romance Giving me the meaning of the life You lift me up from pain and strife ♥ A feeling that I knew too well With every word we shared I fell Falling deeper into the bliss Longing for your […]

Don’t Live Day by Day ♥

How could you feel being loved If you will just live day by day No special moments made Through romantic yesterdays ♥ In the deepest depths of you and me Through the deepest depths of we Lies the love’s most beautiful jewel Shining forth through us eternally ♥ There lies a time beyond all time […]

My Sweetheart ♥

My beloved and my dear sweetheart I pray to the God that we’ll never part I feel the depth of our sweet love I believe we belong in heaven above ♥ Feel the magic of love, oh how inviting Expressing feelings of love so exciting True love intertwine, the romance of a kiss Two arms […]

Feeling Whole ♥

Dreaming You

Warm touch to the soul and feeling whole Sweet taste of peace, baby you slowly lean Across my lips kiss me now kiss my skin Your lips so soft I need you really I mean ♥ You kiss so special, so perfect so right Our eyes engaging for an endless night Your kisses so soft […]

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