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You’re Not Alone ♥


When you feel alone aloof and blue And life seems too cruel to you Just remember you’re not on your own I’m always there you’re never alone ♥ When I am not there with you Remember our love is pure and true I think about you every night and day When I am with you, […]

Love Portrayed ♥


Love can be portrayed as me and dreamy you Love can be described as dreamy you and me Love is a creation only we can see Love is a fire that burns for free ♥ When I sleep I dream of my love When I sleep my love dreams of you When I sleep I […]

You’re My Dream ♥

in dreams

You’re the one in my dreams at night You’re the one I wanna hold tight ♥ You are the one in my new beginning you’re simply the door to life beyond you’re the one that I could ever want Or even in dreams wish to carry on ♥ Though I haven’t known you very long […]

Love.. ♥

eternal love

Love is something which is not easily explained Not even any description can express it And no one person feels the same about it Sometimes hidden, other times known Often true but without future, perhaps not Sometimes feels like fire, other times not felt at all Can be cold as cyan sadness, or hot as […]

Morning’s Dew ♥

love poetry

I gonna love you as the morning’s misty dew Which kisses rosebuds with passion so true Attracting bees to sip nectar for me and you ♥ I gonna love you as the breeze caressing trees Branches swinging in rhythm with many mysteries Before autumn season calms them into deep freeze ♥ I gonna love you […]

Rose Petals ♥

love poem

Rose petals as soft as white Cloud Blowing Breath from its fresh Mouth Basking in Early Morning`s Dew Gently reminding of My Love for You ♥ Quenching my Thirst at first Dawn`s Light Long Before the Sun Shines Bright While buzzing Bees Buzz to and fro Sipping Nectar on Blooming buds in a Row ♥ […]

Distance Doesn’t Exist ♥


Every time I talk to you Sweet sensations fills me through Its like distance no longer exist And sweet moments will never be missed ♥ Sometimes I go crazy for your reply When I can’t talk to you I wish to cry I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way Feelings come more and more […]

Dark Clouds Filling The Sky ♥

dark clouds

Slowly dark clouds filling the blue sky They are slowly hiding the sullen sun behind In every way he wants to come out and try To melt the polar ice burgs outlined ♥ Lightning strikes, Thunder rolls From above the fate for me is cast Soon this Fate will be revealed I pray my heart […]

Longing 2 be Close ♥

I have been longing to hold you close I have been longing to touch you close But my dreams are far fetched, I know Because you are at a distance somehow ♥ Whenever you’re sad, I’ll dry your tears Whenever you’re scared, I’ll comfort your fears When you need love, my heart I gonna share […]

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