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My Days of Life ♥

once blue

My days of life once used to be grey When nothing ever chased my blues away My heart was heavy and full of pain Felt in the dark clouds full of rain ♥ I would love to walk in the pouring rain I could cry my heart out to ease my pain I didn’t have […]

Lives Entwined ♥


Our lives entwined now to be as one Upon this journey we’ve just begun ♥ Where we together will find no less Than eternal love and sheer happiness ♥ Beloved you make me feel special You make me feel rejuvenated and anew ♥ Your presence make me feel cared How magically everything you do ♥ […]

Never Thought ♥


Never thought there will be a time I’ll feel the true warmth of its shine ♥ If this love in my heart is like an ocean I promise there would be no more land If this love in my heart is like a desert I promise you would see only the sand ♥ No matter […]

Kbhi Door Na Jana ♥

Kbhi Door Na Jana ♥

Kuch kahti hai yeh bejuba dhadkan mujhse Ab kabhi door na jaa payenge hum aapse ♥ Aapke sang zindagi me sab apna lagta hai Aap sang nhi to har sach bi sapna lagta hai ♥ Apki mushkurahat se har gum kam ho jata hai Apke dard me to yeh dil bhi nam ho jata hai […]

Hope 4 Tomorrow Sunshine ♥

Giving me hope for tomorrow’s sunshine Beloved you are like an angel divine Guiding me out of my life sorrow You picking me up and wrapping me In your warm blanket of love You swept me up and dusted off Webs of hurts inside like sweet dove ♥ You gave me warmth, you sheltered me […]

I Promise ♥

Love Feeling

Of all that I may give you truly That I’ll love you unconditionally I give you my heart and soul I promise to always keep you whole ♥ This new found true feelings I can’t really quite describe But it gives me the warmth Deep down inside my heart ♥ Yo have given me a […]

As Long As I Can Dream ♥

Feeling this vacuum together and heartache Sometimes alone and often a silent tear But together always a million wishes Wishing you are always with me here ♥ In me I always feel your reflection In my lonely saddened dreamy stream And there will always be a you and me O’beloved as long as I can […]

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