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Baadlo Ke Uper ♥

fly high

Panchiyo se par lekar, baadalon ke uper hu Ek junoon hai dil mein, ishq ki dagar mein hu ♥ kashmokash nashe saa beh raha hu rag rag mein Apki dhadkano mein sargamon ke rath pe hu ♥ Apki hi chahaton mein khusbhoo ko jeeta hu Titliyon ke rang lekar khushnume safar mei hu ♥ Chaudhavi […]

Wanna Live Your Love ♥

love poem

I wanna live your love you mean so much to me Our love is like the sea weed living in the sea Enjoying the rhythm of the wave as it passes While drawn down with each wave that recedes ♥ I would give all I have for you Lay down my entire life for you […]

Love – A Curious Thing ♥

love poem

Love is truly a curious thing It appears in life often disguised If you take it the wrong way It will definitely go unrecognized ♥ I promise to hold you in my heart Forever beloved as long as I live Never ever forget the way you smile Nor the love feelings I will give ♥ […]

Love Fragrance ♥

love poem

Love fragrance is in the air Birds flying in floating fair Clouds smiling from high above Kisses too flew out of love ♥ Love fragrance is in the air Fragrance escaped thru your hair You got twinkling angelic eyes Make my heartbeats jump twice ♥ Love is in your charming smile Wanna watch that from […]

You Mean World 2 Me ♥

love poem

Beloved you mean the world to me Nothing will ever come between us No matter what others says or does You will always be in this very heart ♥ Together with you forever and ever I feel happy just being by your side All those feelings I just can’t hide Nobody is as special as […]

Lahre Baimaan ♥


Pyaar bhari yeh lahrein hai badi baimaan Bheeg hi jata hai Aahir isme yeh dil nadaan ♥ Kabhi saarein bandhano ko cheertein hue Kitni paas aa jati hai yeh lahrein ♥ To kabhi fisalti reit pe aanchal thame Kitna sharmati hai yeh lahrein ♥ Kabhi dil ke kinaro se laut ke Bewafaa ban jati hai […]

Angel Sweet ♥

God Blessed Me with Magical Wings

Like an angel sweet from the sky You have blessed me with your presence Now I’m too deep in love with you And I’m stung by your very essence ♥ An angel wings which spread far and wide An angels wings I truly need at my side I long for you dear my angelic bride […]

Warmth of Your Touch ♥

Your sweet voice and the warmth of your touch So many little things, make me love you so much I hear whispers of your voice in the early dawn Making me content with a feeling that’s so warm ♥ I’m starting my day with your thoughts in a swarm The way that I feel, When […]

Dil Tera Diwana ♥

Mera dil hai tera diwana, dil diwana Dil hai bada diwaana.. Mera dil hai bada diwaana.. ♥ Tujhe kya hai khabar kitna chahu Mera pyaar tujhse mai kaise kahu Kabhi mili jo tum bechain hu mai ♥ Mera dil hai bada diwaana.. Mera dil hai tera diwana, dil diwana Dil hai bada diwaana.. Mera dil […]

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