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As Night Turns into Day ♥

love everywhere

As star studded night turns into day Beautiful birds begin to sing what may Morning light slowly spread across And soon it is making landscape emboss ♥ Hold me dear, enfold me this morning Take me far up to the mountain height we gonna endeavor to love forever Beloved come let it happen tonight ♥ […]

Endless Romance ♥

life as one

We gonna love with joy, We will love and dance Deeply together in love, with the endless romance This love is painting smile upon our face with these lovely thoughts in mind at a race ♥ This makes us complete, the deepest desire To take you inside me, to bring you my fire I love […]

Dreaming Misty Sunrise ♥

Dreaming misty sunrise without any clue The bowl of round space and palest blue Colored in yellow, gold and red Shedding brilliant light upon my bed ♥ The warmth I feel beside my soul so true Of the love I feel, only for you A quiet breeze very cool and slow Stirring my fragile heart, […]

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