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Charming Beloved ♥

love key

My charming beloved, you and me Together forever we gonna be I count the hours, count the days How much I miss you counting the ways ♥ As long as there is heaven and hell Know that our love will always be well Each time I look deep into your eyes I know deep inside […]

Love is in Air ♥

season of love

Love is truly in the air And you may feel it everywhere It’s truly just a blessing To have someone in life Who cares ♥ Love is truly in the air Its all around and everywhere Love is something you should share I know this that you really care ♥ Oh yes love is in […]

Yeh Waqt ♥


Yeh Waqt Thahar sa Jayega.. Tere ahaht ke liye dino raat bechain hai hum Kab tu mere samne aa ke lamha lamha muskuraigi Yeh Waqt Thahar sa Jayega..  ♥ Sham ki dundh me teri yaad dil ko chu kar guzar gyi Teri khoosbu is pal me mere dil main utar gyi Yeh Waqt Thahar sa […]

Happy Diwali To All of You

Happy Diwali To All of You ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Festival of light with beautiful sweet sight Filling all of us with sweet delight Light up dear friends all your light For it is Diwali, our festival of light ♥ Brilliant vibrant lights & deafening sounds Rollicking laughter and happiness has no bounds Such a special feeling filling […]

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