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Come Closer Baby ♥

come closer

Come closer baby, Come a little closer Come, let me gently whisper in your ear Let me whisper softly no one else will hear I long to hear your whisper which whimper ♥ Gentle echoes Of which you are least aware I wish you here with me in the moonlit sky Nothing matches the star […]

Romantic Rain ♥

I want to become your romantic rain And gently wash over you Cleansing all your worries away Look at the colorful rainbow ♥ I’m sharing with you it’s beauty On the days you’re feeling blue If I could, I’d build a mountain So that you could call your very own Place to find serenity and […]

Ahshaasho se ♥

love poem

Apne ahshaasho se chu ke mujhe sandal kar do Mai sadiyo se adhura hu, mukammal kar do ♥ Na tumhe hosh rahe aur na mujhe hosh rahe Is kadar tut ke chaho mujhe pagal kar do ♥ um hatheli ko mere pyaar ki mehndi se rang do Apni ankhon mein mere naam ka kajal bhar […]

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