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Khyalo Me ♥

angel love

Khyalo me bus dhundli si tasveer hai tumhari Par jaise jivan bhar ki aas ho tum ♥ Bina mile ya dekhe jaana hai tumhe Aur lagta hai man ka vishwas ho tum ♥ Duriyan ye mitne nhi deti milne ki khwaahishe Humaari har dua mein uthati ardaas ho tum ♥ Tum milo to gale laga […]

Surrounded With Peace ♥

love is there

Eternally surrounded with the peace And the contentment in my heart I’ve joined my heart with your soul Until you’ve become the greatest part ♥ You’re so serene, I feel inside I longed to touch your moonlit face To kiss your beautiful soft lips And feel the warmth of your embrace ♥ With all the […]

Like Dream ♥

love untold

Like the dream of laying in a blanket of stars I dream of you holding me tightly as we dance Like the first dream, your voice I did hear My soul inside rejoices each time you are near ♥ Under the sparkling stars and moon so bright We are lying and holding each other so […]

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