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Julfo ke Saaye Me ♥

love everywhere

Apni julfo ke saaye me ji lene do Khushboo bhri hawao me saans lene do ♥ Kaun jaane zindagi ki shaam kis gli ho Chirag ulfat ke tab talak zla lene do ♥ Chaand badlo se nikle gesu chehre se hta do Thahro do pal chaandni ka didaar karne do ♥ Sharmaayi si laga mehndi […]

Love so Precious and True ♥

love near

What must I say to the love so precious and true This love that comes from me to you I wish to tell you that you own my heart We are together forever never to part ♥ What must I say to the sweetness when you are near Within my arms beloved you have nothing to […]

Tum Bin ♥

poem write

Dedicated to movie “Tum Bin” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Don’t know if your future starts without me And I’m not there to take care or to see If the day begins and light find your eyes To see it full of tears for me ♥ Life’s wave recedes but leaves behind Brilliant and pure seashells on the sand The […]

Tere Sath Jiyu ♥

love me that much

Itnaa karo pyaar mujhe tum Jitna mumkin ho tere paas jiyu Jikra mera jubaan pe rakhna tum Taki duniya mein ban ke khaas jiyu ♥ Humsafar abb mere ban jaao Chahe fir umra bhar banwaas jiyu Ho sake mera bhram mat todo Kuch natiza nahi to aas jiyu ♥ Kam se kam Khwab pe karam […]

I’ll Do The Rest ♥

Will Do the Rest

Feeling cool winds whispering your name Nothing in life will ever be the same Adequately, I wanna explain my feelings On and throughout, I continue kneeling ♥ I look deep in your eyes, time after time Everything about you, I want to call mine Pictures of you, in the heart of mine Lost in the […]

Hai Rub Se Dua ♥

Love So True

Hai rub se dua ab to din raat yahi meri Yeh sapne ab na tute apko paane ke baad ♥ Aap hi meri tamanna aur kuch yaad nahi Ye sapno Ki haseen duniya basane ke bad ♥ Mat Pucho haal tumse dil lagane ke baad Deewaangi mili hai yu hosh lutane ke baad ♥ Ruk […]

You’re The One ♥

you're the one

You’re the one I needed most For I am so in love with you You’re the pure air I breath The natural scent in it I smell ♥ You’re truly the better half You’re the stronger willed You’re the beat of the heart Truly the more compelled ♥ You’re the sun that shines Which makes […]

Tossed and Turned All Night ♥


I tossed and turned all the night While I lie up awake in my bed Mind was busy contemplating you As couldn’t get you out of my head ♥ Then slowly I fallen asleep There you were in dreams once again We were so happy together, laughing Enjoying the cheerful love rain ♥ And now […]

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