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Sukh Sang Sab ♥

girl love

Sukh sang pura jug hai, dukh sang kaun chala hai yaaron Foot Foot jo rota dikhta, khud se aaj mila hai yaaron ♥ Dushman ban jb paar na paaya, bankar dost chhla hai yaaron Angaaro se bach nikla jo, gul se magar jala hai yaaron ♥ Pyaar ki raah me kaante paaye, jo bhi idhr chala hai […]

Be Mine ♥

Be Mine ♥

From the very day I dreamt you Seemed I will never forget you Two souls joined in heaven above Two hearts truly bound by love ♥ I see the stars deep in your eyes My fire burns in the dark of night You’ve become my strength and light The wonders of your loving heart ♥ […]

Ahista Ahista ♥


Ahista.. Ahista… ♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kyo koi acha lagne lagta hai ahista ahista Kuhmaar ishq ka chadhta hai kyo ahista ahista  ♥ Safar mein jindagi ke log to bahut milte hai Dil mein bas jati hai wo kyu ahista ahista  ♥ Har ghadi acha dikhne ka ji kyu karta hai Haseen lagne lagi jindagi kyu ahista ahista […]

Red Rose ♥

Compare this love with a blossoming red rose Whose splendor rises with the sun shine over its face Brilliant red petals expanding further and richer Slowly Whispering secrets of happiness and affection ♥ Though with time comes the fall of dusk Where all contentment is beginning to sweep away While all the rose’s petals unite […]

You’re The One I Have ♥

You are the one I have Who’s everything to me Wrapped around your arms Encompassed in gaiety ♥ You are the one I love Who is meant only for me When you smile at me I truly melt inside ♥ Everytime you speak I am lost without you I need you to go on When […]

Beautiful Smile ♥

Looking at your big bright beautiful smile While I am walking my way down the isle Many philosopher talks about love and life And I feel proud to have you on my side ♥ We will be binded together in trust and love While I remember the prayers to god above Beloved we are joined […]

Lying in the Meadow ♥

Lying in the Meadow

Lying in the meadow secretly secluded As I watch in wonder, love concluded Caught with you within passion’s throes Heads spin in fairy rings our love overflows ♥ Incandescent caresses tempted hunter’s thigh Your silky streams flowing where I fly With you in the meadow tenderly embracing Lips seeking kisses sweet, lost in love’s labyrinth […]

Is Pyaar Ka Ehshaas ♥


Is pyaar ka yeh ehsaas pyaar se bhi pyara hai Is pyaar ko tune hi to apne pyaar se sawara hai ♥ Is dil pe koi zor nahi, ab tera hi sahara hai Dil jaan aur jigar sab kuch hi to tumharaa hai ♥ Milna humara tay raha yahi waqt ka ishaara hai Kiya humne […]

Ajeeb Ahshaas ♥

Ajeeb Ahshaas

Ajeeb sa ahshash tujhe sochne pe hota hai kyu Har Waqt mere dilo dimag me basi rahti hai tu ♥ Nazar mili to ankhe kyu chupa leti hai tu Chehre ko pallu me chupa ke sharmati hai tu ♥ Yeh chand sa chehra aur nazuk gulab se lab In julfon ke saaye me kya gazab […]

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