devI am like just any other IIT graduate having a combined perspectives of an engineer, a writer and a change agent. I am helping engineers and others see the importance of the techno-social dimensions of the work.

I find myself very sensitive to the environment and philosophical, hence got tendency to stir my  heart and question things. I think I can’t be contented by the mundane or carried on by the status quo. I’m thirsty to seek out the human condition and to look deep into people’s characters.

I think in our society, often science and art are considered to be two opposing forces. Science is suppose to be objective, experimental, rational, unbiased. Science explains the natural phenomena occurring in our world; for example, it explains why water freezes, why birds can fly while toads cannot, why the grass is green, why the sun is hot; however, there are limitations because science does not explain why people cry when they are happy (or does it? what about human science? I’m a little confused on that part, but anyway..)

Art on the other hand is subjective, open ended, emotional. Art does not solve problems/ questions, but rather generate more thoughts and leave discussions open ended. Art connects the inner expressions of the artists with the outside world. Art is a tool of self expression.

So as I believe, on a fundamental level, science and art are very similar, because scientists require the qualities of an artist in order to formulate, hypothesize, conclude, etc. This is what happens in reality because scientists can never completely rid themselves of the subjective nature of human.

“The difference between science and the arts is not that they are different sides of the same coin even, or even different parts of the same continuum, but rather, they are manifestations of the same thing. The arts and sciences are avatars of human creativity.” – Mae Jemison

Now coming to art of writing. While writing is seen as merely a form of expression, it’s very easy to sway away from the fundamentals, when you’re writing something on a piece of paper and I am sure you have noticed it. So my suggestion for the for first time writers who’re looking to pen down something worthwhile:

  1. Understand your surroundings and try to think what it is trying to convey you, follow the basics. Also try good reads but never follow anyone as it will be the loss of your own originality.
  2. Do never try reverse engineering in what is available in market often as best sellers. Don’t force yourself to write something based on what’s hot in the market.
  3. While writing, know your characters well. If you’ve seen the story from close, it becomes very easy to structure and narrate.
  4. Do not let anything affect how you want to present your writings and work.
  5. Always understand the fact that writing is an art while selling is the business and both are entirely opposite domains.